Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2!

I didn't expect to have any cards today, but then my husband gave me this card that he made for me, and I just had to show it:

Is this not cool?  He was apparently inspired by the Easter card I made for my parents using the same stamp.  What he did was stamp the cross from Waltzingmouse Celtic Heritage stamp set, on the back side of a piece of thin aluminum, then used my Pergamano embossing tools to emboss the metal from the back side.  Then he took it down to his workshop and used metal stamping tools to add the decorative details.  Here's a closeup:

Wow, huh?  I guess I'm glad I allow him (limited) access to my stamping supplies!  

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. What a lovely thoughtful thing to do, better than any other present. Love the new banner as well.

  2. This is really stunning! Your husband is very talented. What a creative new way to use stamps!

  3. This is so neat! What a special card from a special someone. TFS!

  4. och this is so sweet!! what a guy!!! Pat on the back that man!


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