Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

No new cards today, but in honor of Easter I thought I'd show one of the eggs I made a few years ago (yet another one of my hobbies!).  It was made using the method for Pysanky eggs but using nontraditional colors.  Here are three views of the same egg:

In this case the part of the design that is white was drawn on the egg (a chicken egg from a free-range source for the stronger shell; not emptied first) using beeswax in a fine-point electric kistka.  Then the egg was dyed with pink pysanky egg dye (not the same as food coloring--these are not for eating!).  Then the pink design was drawn using a medium point, then the egg was dyed in purple pysanky egg dye.  The beeswax was then carefully melted off in a low oven, then the egg contents were blown by making a hole in each end, scrambling with a needle, then blowing out.  After the egg was completely dry, a layer of polyurethane varnish was used to preserve the color.

Haven't done one of these in a while, maybe it's time to dust off the supplies and try another one!  I have a nice collection of other eggs done by me and others, maybe I'll post photos from time to time.

Meantime, a happy Easter to all!



  1. You are one very talented lady Cyndie, I have never seen this technique before. Don't give up the cards though.

  2. Beautiful project!!!!

    Re- the photo you were asking on my white baby girl card, it is a digital image I bought from etsy!

    Happy Easter!!!

  3. just catching up on some of the blogs I follow - a lovely egg - takes me back to my roots, Lithuanians do some very similar eggs. TFS


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