Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make It Monday #47: A La Carte

 Hi everybody!  I learned something yesterday:  not to make cards when I am sick.  I was in the worst stages of a raging cold but wanted to make a MIM card anyway.  I will spare you a photo of the one I made, and show the one I made today instead:

It may not be a prize-winner either, but trust me, it's far better than yesterday's.  I won't inflict that one on you, as I subscribe to the advice a photography instructor told me once:  the secret to being considered an awesome photographer is to only show your very best photos and ditch all the others (okay, maybe I don't always follow this advice 100%, but still).

This card was done with the MIM #11 (embossing with dies) in mind.  The car image was embossed into the white card stock and flipped over so the car shape sticks up instead of down.  With the car die still behind the paper to support it, the image of the car was stamped on the embossing.  A little smoke/fumes was added in grey ink.  Sets used were Enjoy The Ride and Fancy Flourishes.  A little white embossing, some ribbon, and black jewels finished it off.  I'll use the card for my brother-in-law who is a car nut.

Thad's id for dow, have a dice day...  >honk<



  1. First I love your "stuffy nose" sign off! Sorry you're under the weather :( hope you feel better soon. This is such a great card, he'll love it for sure. Red and black is always classic combo!

  2. Fabulous Cyndie. Love this card and that is one of my fvourite stamps too.

  3. Cute card. I like how you did the exhaust. Very clever!

  4. Love your card Cyndie:) Really cute touch with the Fancy Flourishes stamp, I love that!

    Laura Q

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  6. I love what you made here! Even the little flourish exhaust is cute! I would never have thought of the car for this technique. Wonderful! Hope you are feeling better. :-)

  7. Love this one Cyndie, the colours are so striking and just a terrific card for a guy (or a fremale VW enthusiast).

  8. As someone else says...the flourish on the exhaust is so, so good....really great idea....


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