Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Am Overwhelmed! The Liebster Blog Award.

 Okay, guys, you are seriously too nice to me.  Just a day or two ago my friend Tracey conferred upon me the honor of the Liebster Blog award (more about that below), and before I could even pass it along my friend Suzanne did it again!  And as it happens, I first received this award last year from Anna!  (My awards are all displayed on a separate page here, although I don't really keep it up to date).  Unbelievable!  I am so blessed.

Here are suggestions that come with the Liebster Blog award, which as I understand it is intended to encourage and showcase bloggers with less than 200 followers:

--Thank the blogger who presented your award on your blog, and link back to them.
--Show the Liebster Blog badge on your blog (copy/paste from the presenter's blog).
--Present the Liebster Blog award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers.
--Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now my only problem is, as far as I can tell my very favorite bloggers already have received this award!  So I'm going to do something a little different.  First, I'll give links to some of my favorite bloggers that have already received the award so you can check out their fabulous work, then I will give you links to some wonderful bloggers that (as far as I can tell) have not received the award, so you can show them some love too!

So, here are some past recipients of the award (in alphabetical order):

Anna, who does absolutely lovely card designs.  And her recipes are incredibly drool-worthy!

Cassandra, who has totally mastered the CAS concept.  Her beautiful creations featuring intricate cutting have to be seen to be believed!

Lisa, who always has a cute and quirky touch of genius in her cards.  Not to mention the ability to combine patterns perfectly (especially polka dots!)!

Suzanne, who has a wonderful design sense--I always wonder why I didn't think of that when I see her cards!

Tracey, who, besides her wonderful color and pattern sense, displays a playfulness in her designs that I wish I could achieve!

Thank you my friends for all your inspiration!

And now for the designers whose work is a little newer to me but I will certainly be following your work and be inspired by it:

Carolanne, who does wonderful paper piecing and is very inventive!

Kelly, who works wonders in three dimensions--check out her valentine card especially!

Michelle, who designs lovely, lovely cards created with a wonderful eye for color.

Susan:  Not only a creative paper crafter, but a master seamstress as well!

Missy, who has a way of combining colors and patterns that is just fabulous!

Ladies, please know that you are under no obligation to tag anyone if you'd rather not, but I hope you enjoy checking out these blogs as I did.  And Anna, Tracey and Suzanne, thank you for choosing to tag my blog!

Now, of course I can't do a posting without a photo, so here is a card I did a long time ago that I never found an opportunity of posting.

This card was done before I had a good photography set-up, so apologies for the poor quality.  As near as I can remember, the bee came from a SU set (In Full Bloom I think) and the DP is from DCWV.  The caption at the top was created with JustRite Stampers letters.  Spellbinders die cuts and thin yellow ribbon mounted behind the die cut finished off the card.

Thanks for looking, and have a nice day!



  1. You are so welcome Cyndie and you so deserve this award! Have a great day!

  2. You're such a sweetheart Cyndie! I paid a visit to all of the blogs and found some great inspiration! Not to mention this awesome card of yours. Love the glossy effects. Do I spy some tiny floraly polka dot items in there?!! Have a beautiful day ;)

  3. Cyndie, you are so generous! I feel extremely honored that you would extend this award to me. I love to craft and I love to share what I have done AND learn from other crafters like you! By the way your card at the end of this post is so cute! I love bees:-) Thanks so much again!

  4. Thank you soooooo much for paasing this award my way!!! That is so kind of you! Love the bee card you made, the papers are fabulous!

  5. Cyndie, Thanks you for passing this award to me. I checked out the other ladies who received this award today and all of them are very talented. Your cards are beautiful and very inspiring. I am now a follower. Thanks!

  6. Wow Cyndie, I am so unbelievably honored that you would pass this award to me! It was really fun looking at everyone's blogs that you highlighted in your post - you have great taste : ) They are all very creative indeed! Thank you, thank you, totally made my day!

  7. Thank you so much for the honour, and I have thrown one straight back at you. I am truly grateful for your wonderful comments, if I feel abit unsure about a design, you return such a positive statement that I don't doubt anymore.

  8. Cyndie I wanted to thank-you for choosing my blog for the Liebster award! What a fun way to direct more readers to our blots and I'm so honored that you thought my blot qualified! Yipee skippy!! Thanks again :)


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